About Us

Delaero consultants provide solutions in a broad range of industry verticals.

Industry verticals include:

Delaero, Inc. was founded in 2001 on the premise that successful technology implementations should result in streamlined business processes and greater efficiency and profitability. Our consultants work with you to understand and analyze the business problem, then design and implement a solution that fits the specific circumstances to maximize the benefit to your business.

We have over 20 years of experience in HCM Systems Integration and Technical Strategy Consulting which drives Delaero’s success in fitting the perfect solution to your business problem.

Delaero’s integration consulting team has a perfect mix of business knowledge, systems experience and technical skills that enable our team to drive our client’s projects to success.

Our integration team has extensive experience leading large integration projects in most industry verticals, with a proven track record of getting results!

Meet the Team

Peter Gambino


Peter Gambino has over 25 years of technical consulting experience and is an industry expert in application architecture, cloud architecture, and workforce systems integration. He has led teams in the design, implementation and integration of a multitude of technology solutions for business. Aside from these heroic technical accomplishments, Pete is a passionate skier of the eastern mountains, and spirited softball coach and umpire.

Melynda Gambino

Chief Operating Officer

Melynda Gambino is responsible for managing all aspects of business operations for Delaero including finance, human resources and strategic planning. She is an experienced executive with 25 years management experience. Outside the office Melynda likes martial arts and yoga, and enjoys reading and spending time with family.

Alexandra Kao

Principal Consultant

Alexandra Kao has over 30 years of technical experience both in consulting and product development. She has led projects through the entire cycle from initialization, feasibility analysis, technology selection, development, QA, release, and maintenance. Her knowledge spans multiple industry verticals and her technical expertise extends to billing, payroll, scheduling, workflow, data migration, user authentication and web services. Alex is enthusiastic about architecture, sculpture, painting, and music, and enjoys spending time in nature.

Peter Nagy

Lead Technical Consultant

Peter Nagy has over 10 years experience working on UKG/Kronos integrations for customers in a broad range of industries. Peter is an expert interface architect with Workforce Integration Manager (WIM) and has extensive knowledge in SQL scripting, writing custom reports and setting up dataflow packages. In addition to his impressive technical achievements Peter enjoys the outdoors, particularly fishing and hiking. Some of his other hobbies include woodworking, 3D printing, and amateur astronomy.